Exhibition ,,SPACE, GEOMETRY, DIVISIONS'' (expo as a part of Warsaw by Art 2018) Tymczasowa Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2018.

,,SPACE, GEOMETRY, DIVISIONS.”, August/September 2018, Tymczasowa Art Gallery. (exhibition as a part of Warsaw by Art 2018)

Artists: Aleksandra Łatecka / Katarzyna Jurczenia

Curator: Joanna Pongowska

Text & photo credits: Joanna Pongowska


The exhibition „Space, Geometry, Divisions” presents two visually diverse artistic and conceptual visions: Aleksandra Łatecka and Katarzyna Jurczenia – artists inspired by geometric and architectural forms. Geometric abstraction is a direction in art that involves creating with various forms of geometry. Geometric art is not, contrary to appearances, only visual – it is usually conceptual, well thought out and systematized, preceded by a thorough analysis of the space that inspires creators. To a large extent, the urban world and the dynamics ruling it, full of rhythms, surfaces and solids interacting with each other, which the creators analyze and process using a variety of creative media for particular stages of the process such as painting, drawing, photography or digital techniques. The artists paintings and spatial objects presented at the exhibition are an excellent opportunity to look at di erent visions of creativity oscillating around the subject of the art of geometry – the analysis of solids, space, colors, their rhythms and interdependencies, where the language of geometry is a medium that is a means of interpreting reality.

Aleksandra Łatecka belongs to an international artistic group dealing with the issue of Discursive Geometry – a trend in contemporary geometric art, which is based on strict, logical reasoning, study and analysis. The spatial, geometrical, full of dynamics and color painting objects by Aleksandra Łatecka re ect the artist’s interest in space – its construction, divisions and dynamics. The external, interpenetrating, multi-layered and full of geometric divisions world of urban agglomerations is a direct inspiration for the artist. Urban space processed by artist is subject to a speci c, multi-stage construction process, resulting in the visualization of speci c spatial data. Large-format and multidimensional painting objects go beyond the framework of the traditional form of the painting, combining elements of painting, drawing and sculpture. Two-dimensional, at architectural-painting forms with irregular shapes, sharp angles and a complicated arrangement, combined with a grid of lines in dynamic layouts and vibrant colors, reflecting the vibrant dynamics of the city and civilization – solids, perspective, lights, divisions and their mutual continuous dialogue. The objects form an open cycle – each is entitled 'Construction’, only the numbers and formats change. The compositions are open and dynamic, they go beyond the wooden panel area, the artist assumes various possibilities of presenting the objects – everything is in a constant motion, re ecting the character of the continuous process of the change in reality of the city

Geometric, abstract, kept in a range of black and white, subtle and full of contrasts and divisions, graphic images by Katarzyna Jurczenia symbolically present everyday struggles, dependencies, choices and collisions with reality from the perspective of a human being. The range of colors of images is very deliberately limited by the artist to black and white with selected other colors like silver, which is o en appearing and it is re ering to structural elements in architecture. In a symbolic dialogue, three-dimensional geometric forms collide with each other, among them the sharp form of a cone often used by the artist in various con gurations, with strong and decisive simple forms, crossed out with architectural precision and silenced by a sketchy surfaces. Each image has a symbolic title, re ecting the content, idea, situation that the artist is interpreting and visualizng: ,,Falling dow’’, ,,Behind the fog’’, ,,Brutality” or „Attack of aggression”. Compositions of the paintings are closed, in an abstract form they illustrate the feelings, speci c events or important characters in the artist’s life.

Joanna Pongowska, Curator, Tymczasowa Art Gallery