Exhibition ,,Abstract inspired by Nature", Tymczasowa Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2018.

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Exhibition ,,Abstract inspired by Nature”

,,Exhibition presented art of two artists who are inspired by omnipresent in our lifes elements of the nature and it’s eternal processes of birth, life and passing, and our place in it. Artists intuitively examine and interpretate pieces of the real world into the abstract form, creating personal, characteristic visual language, keeping and analizing, mirroring in the surface of the water, surrounded with shaped by external energies stones, or observing complicated, sustainable construction of internal organic structures, formed by a constant processes of internal forces of nature”.

,,Artists are shaping their art forms using specific, differentiated creative tools, examining common areas of interest – nature – while each is at the different stage of a creative journey and represents personal vision, selectively assorting and interpreting certain elements of the nature. Paintings presented by Joanna Pongowska are forming series titled Organique, they are a continuation of artists interest in dynamic creations of nature, but more in details, close up, presenting inner structures or graphic rhythms. Color code of those paintings is saturated, vibrant and energetic and its interpreting dynamic powers of nature, that are shaping all forms of greenery and wildlife.”

Click here to see collection of paintings from Organique series.

,,Abstract inspired by Nature”, February/March 2018, Tymczasowa Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.

Artists: Magda Fokt / Joanna Pongowska.

Curator: Joanna Pongowska.

Photo credits: Joanna Pongowska.

Text: Joanna Pongowska Full text to the exhibition HERE.

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