Exhibition ,,BOTANICUM'' Joanna Pongowska, TA3 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, April/May 2017.

About This Project

Exhibition ,,BOTANICUM”

,,BOTANICUM cycle, on the visual level, are images of the gardens that appeared in my life for longer or had a significant impact on me, during my global travels. Nature was, is and will always be an important area of my longlife observation, experience and practice. It is a strong, energetic power, precisely directed and sustainable. Cycled and humble, often exposed to unpredictable natural powers or unthoughtful actions of human beings. On the philosophical level, observation of the nature is a perfect source to shape your soul and character, giving the example of productive systems on how to think and react during regular or exceptional moments in life, like creation, management of all sorts of relations, nascency or passing…”

Paintings from BOTANICUM series were created during the years of 2010 – 2016 and come from two series: Summer and Oriental Series (Paris, Los Angeles, Kyoto, Warsaw, Masovia) and presented at solo show in TA3 Gallery in Warsaw, Poland in April/May 2017.

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,,Botanicum”, April/May 2017, TA3 (Tarczyńska 3) Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.

Artist: Joanna Pongowska

Photo credits: Joanna Pongowska

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