Exhibition ,,EXPRESSION, COLOR, FORM - record of thoughts and emotions", Tymczasowa Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2018.

,,EXPRESSION, COLOR, FORM – record of thoughts and emotions”, April/May 2018, Tymczasowa Art Gallery.

Artists: Agnieszka Zawisza / Agata Czeremuszkin – Chrut

Curator: Joanna Pongowska

Text & photo credits: Joanna Pongowska


Second exhibition at Tymczasowa Art Gallery titled „Expression, Color, Form – a record of thoughts and emotions” presents art of Agnieszka Zawisza and Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut – artists, that operate in expressive form and matter of color. Exploring different themes, sometimes common, but from different perspectives. For Agnieszka Zawisza, space, landscape, nature, world, are most important and positive inspirations. Human being is rarely visible on the paintings, rather staying outside of the frame, we look with his and artists eyes. Emotional heart and soul of the artist is selecting and transforming the world around into art frames, including important moments from the journey of life. Saturated and vivid patches of colors are contrasting with flat, strongly marked graphic shapes. Vibration, gesture and form build the picture.

Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut art and workshop are also a total expression of a form and color, based largely on the contrasts of the applied solutions. Sketchy, vibrating, strongly marked, multi-colored, entangled, living linear forms are contrasted with uniform, subdued background. Thematically human being is the focus, or rather an organic human figure, sometimes other organic forms, composed of tissue, entangled, shaped by the internal biological processes of composition, deformation, decomposition and paralell influenced by the chaos of the outside world.

Paintings presented at the exhibition by Agnieszka Zawisza come from several series – they are a summary of the artist’s creative portfolio, most of them are landscapes. Artist is inspired by everyday life: travels, observation of the cities and gardens of the world, close people appearing in everyday life, for a moment or for a longer time. Looking at Agnieszka Zawisza paintings, we have the impression of participating in personal visual records from the journey of life. We see, in a sense, individual frames from the film, painted records from a life of the sensitive and dynamic soul, interpreting the world with visaul art tools, according to her own artistic vision. These are afterimages, notes from travels around the world, from a journey, states of feelings, experiences, captured in cycles or individual pictures. Painted on large formats, but also on very small, sketchy ones, that can capture the transitory moment observed or experienced during a stroll in the full of color, shapes and lights garden in Lisbon. Water is present in many of Agnieszka Zawisza’s works – rich in visual effects in reality and in paintings – we observe reflections, vibration and light. Repetitions, shadows, outlined silhouettes, sketchy, graphic forms, geometrical forms coexisting with the biological fields create a visual symphony saturated with expression, color and content.

Agata Czeremuszkin – Chrut presents paintings on canvas from several series, including: Flowers 2016, Barok 2017 and a series of objects – spatial forms, that are a continuation of a creative exploration of the process to go beyond the traditional form of easel painting, initiated by the artist in 2015. Each series shows a thoughtful, consistent and very conscious way of development. Agata Czeremuszkin – Chrut’s painting style is strong, expressive and intuitive. Human, an organic form is the most important subject of exploration – initially presented figuratively, then more in the abstract form. Contrasted with inanimate, geometric, faded of color, cold in the reception background, representing the external world, which is having a constant impact on the organic matter. Drastic and quick in reaction, sometimes slow, but effective in the inevitable civilization process that affects every living tissue in the universe. This is clearly visible in the case of art objects, where the base – geometric fragment of civilization/reality – occurs in a immutable form, impossible to change in a short process. The artist undertakes to revive the spatial module, creating living matter on the objects, interfering in the surface, color, structure, exposing objects to creative actions, inspired by nature powers. Both artists create expressive records of emotions, thoughts and observations. Strong compositions, both in matter and in content, perceived by the senses of vision, composed with painterly, inaudible, vibrating, visual “ultrasounds”, are having an undeniable impact on the viewers.

Joanna Pongowska, Curator, Tymczasowa Art Gallery